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Your field guide to releasing pain and finding freedom the Tai Chi way.

Get unstuck

If you feel stuck inside your body, you’ve come to the right place. It’s frustrating to continually battle with pain and stiffness, especially if you’ve tried a variety of exercises or therapies to no avail. Simply feeling tight all the time (such as in your hips, back, shoulder, etc.) is troubling, especially if it disrupts your confidence or interferes with the activities you enjoy.

You’ve heard about the benefits of Tai Chi for mental, physical and spiritual health, but it can seem like a big commitment. If you ever tried a class, you’d probably be asked to memorize a lot of complicated movements that didn’t seem to target the actual reason you started in the first place – your health!

That’s where this course comes in!

This course has the most effective Tai Chi exercises in one place to target your exact needs. In only 6 weeks, you’ll be feeling better and moving easier. You’ll practice simple movements to create space in your joints, build stability and feel more connected in your entire body. The best part? You won’t need to spend years on complicated memorization to get results!

A 6-week online course for less pain, greater mobility and freedom of movement. Experience ancient Tai Chi secrets that are immediately applicable, without spending years learning the entire discipline.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello, I’m Gabriel. As a practising kinesiologist and Tai Chi instructor, I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome pain and injuries by dissolving tension and learning functional movement patterns. My group classes and private sessions involve mind-body-spirit integrated healing using a combination of breathwork, Tai Chi, Qigong, active rehab, dance and embodiment coaching. I’ve been practising Tai Chi and Qigong for over twenty years. My work as a kinesiologist and exercise physiologist allows me to short cut the process by zeroing in on the most effective exercises for reducing pain and improving mobility.

Dissolve tightness by unwinding stress

Most exercise and therapeutic modalities treat the body as a simple mechanical system, ignoring the connection between intention, energy and movement. You’ve been prescribed many different stretches, without much lasting impact. That’s because stretching or strengthening on it’s own does nothing to address the root of your stiffness, tightness and pain – which is stress.

In this course, we’ll learn exercises that work by considering the whole body, including the mind. You’ll also practice moving meditation techniques to increase energy, promote relaxation and improve the effectiveness of all your other exercises by helping you to slow down, rather than stress out.

Here’s what you’ll get:

6 x 45-min
previously recorded classes

Follow along from home on your own schedule. Get lifetime access to all classes to review whenever you want.

Direct access to get your questions answered

Bring your questions to class or email me directly for support.

Introduction to Tai Chi training methods

Each week you’ll be introduced to a different aspect of Tai Chi from: active relaxation, stances and structure, spinal movement, Qigong. Find the practices that work best for you.

Meditations, Qigong and active rehab exercises

In addition to Tai Chi classes, you’ll find additional videos to help you learn new exercises and audio meditations to practice on your own.

6 x live
virtual classes

Join me every Monday at 9:00am Pacific (12:00pm Eastern) for an interactive class online via Zoom. Classes will be recorded and added to the course website so you can watch them anytime.

Bonus lessons

So much more than a 6-week course! You’ll find bonus content to help you create a great practice space, get the most out of the course, plus resources for continuing.

You’ll be learning:

  • How to open your joints and create physical space.
  • Tai Chi exercises for more pliable tendons, ligaments and fascia.
  • Moving meditations for dissolving tightness and managing pain.
  • Effective body mechanics for easier strength, stability and balance.
  • Tai Chi training for energy, intention and spirit.

You’ll especially enjoy this course if you…

  • Want exercises you can practice easily at home with little-to-no equipment.
  • Enjoy learning about yourself, your body and movement.
  • Understand how your stress level impacts your pain and tightness.
  • Have personal experience with doing too much and burning out.

It’s probably not a fit for you if…

  • Your looking for a high-intensity workout.
  • You’re not interested in how your stress contributes to pain and stiffness.
  • You’re not ready to slow down.
  • You’re not willing to try something new.

Start your journey

When you’re ready for greater mobility with less pain, hit the button below. After a quick sign up process you’ll get access to the course materials immediately.

Course begins January 31st!
Live sessions held Monday at 9:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Eastern.

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What previous students are saying:

Talia E., physio

Overall I felt loosened up and awesome.

“I’m a physiotherapist and have recommended Tai Chi to many of my clients as a way to improve balance, help with chronic pain or just get people feeling more aware of their bodies. Gabriel’s class surpassed all of my expectations. His simple yet effective cues allowed me to jump right in as a beginner, but still catered to the more experienced participants to further their practice. Overall I left feeling loosened up and awesome. Would 100% recommend to anyone!”

Jenna P., physio

Never found a class that caused my muscles to relax so immediately.

“Gabriel Shaw is an awesome instructor/coach/teacher who is able to gear a class to all levels. I’m a physical therapist & my patients can attest I rant about how great his Tai Chi class is. I don’t think I’ve ever found a class that causes my muscles to relax so immediately. You can tell he is on your side no matter what. I also really appreciate all his insights for helping us to develop more awareness of ourselves, both mentally & physically. Highly recommended instructor for anyone looking to reduce pain, feel better, or build resiliency.”

Heather M.

My chronic back pain has resolved.

“I have benefited a lot from it. I leave each session completely relaxed. My chronic back pain has resolved and my body awareness has increased enormously. Gabriel is an excellent teacher. He is very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.”

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